Extruder line

The JPT Extruder Line is a complete, ready to use solution for aquaculture farms, designed to facilitate the cost-efficient production of fish feed together with JPT FaMix 50- farm mixing line. The thermally insulated line is weatherproof and can be built directly on a compact gravel bed. The Extruder line enables the industrial and flexible production of feed on the farm whenever you need it.


The line is quick to install, ready to use, and well tested to ensure the logic-controlled production. The production unit requires a 220kW electric power and can be simply plugged in. Operating the extruder line require any manpower, as the line can operate independently.


The continuous production process enables the production of 2,500 kg of ready-made feed per hour. The JPT Extruder Line is designed for the efficient production of fish feed on larger farms or for shared use by several farms. 


The JPT Extruder Line is designed and manufactured in Finland, with the finest Finnish expertise and equipment, using solutions tried and tested for industrial use.




JPT-industria uses in the machines only the highest quality products. After rigorous testing of different PLC’s we have chosen to use state of the art Beckhoff PLC’s. Beckhoff is a German family-owned company, which guarantees the availability of spare parts even for 20 years after the end of production. Machine built today has availability of spare parts for at least 30 years..


As the HMI (Human Machine Interface) device we use at least 19" Beckhoff multi touch screen. Reporting can be implemented in either a text or Excel file, or directly into the customer's ERP system.


Remote access can be carried out, either by the web interface or by the remote desktop connection, in accordance with the customer's wishes. An optional separate mobile user interface for tablets and smartphones is also available. Most of the JPT’s products are also equipped with a remote connection to Finland. In this case, the machine status can be monitored from Finland and new features can be added remotely.


JPT uses intelligent German motor control components, which provide information on the status of components and thus can be reacted before breaking device, while minimizing unplanned downtime. Fault history is also saved in the PLC which can be used to monitor failure rates of devices.




- Savings on feed costs

- No extra transport charges

- The possibility to use the farmer’s own or locally produced grain

- Short transfers minimize the storage time for the finished product

- Need-based production does not tie up funds

- Farm-specific recipes for species

- Fresh and tasty feed

- Structure of the feed is easy to adjust to suit the farm’s needs

- Reliable technology


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