Complete feed mill projects

JPT builds complete feed mills, from the ground and up. All machinery from the brands you choose. Projects in all price levels, where JPT´s experience guarantees the process and functionality of your new feed mill.  We can include maintenance packages in the project to guarantee safe production for many years to come. All project according to the latest European technology for safe feed production. Automation from basic to fully automated operations without manpower.


The Koskenkorva feed manufacturing plant is the most modern feed factory in the world. The design of the plant is based on hygiene and energy efficiency as well as usability. The production capacity is 100 000 tons of finished product per year, and the capacity of the grain storage is 7000 tons. The plant can be adjusted for producing pig, cattle or chicken feed.


JPT delivered the feed manufacturing plant as a complete turnkey solution, including the following elements:

- Process design

- Layout design

- Manufacture of the steel structures and complete installation, including the stressed skin structure

- Equipment engineering, manufacture and delivery, including the required installations

- Electrical wiring and automation system design and installation

- Testing and commissioning.


Benefits in comparison to plants built with traditional technology:

• Energy-efficient

     - significantly lower power consumption

• Hygienic

     - less process residue

• Reliable

     - fewer individual pieces of equipment increases operational reliability

• Lower production costs

     - high level of automation combined with energy efficiency

• Suitable for the production of a wide variety of products

     - the process can be adapted to many kinds of product

• High up-time and low maintenance costs

     - fewer pieces of equipment means less maintenance

     - less maintenance means more running time

• High level of automation

     - reduced need for operators

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