Modular feed factory

A very cost effective way to build a feed mill, all machinery pre-installed and tested before delivery. Suitable for large farms or small size commercial feed mills.


The feed manufacturing plant is built from modules that are manufactured and test-run in the workshop, which ensures quick and easy installation for the end user. In addition, the plant is fully automated and can be adjusted for various areas of production. The annual capacity of the feed manufacturing plant is of 25000 to 30000 tons of feed.

Contents of the plant:


– Unloading stations, cleaning and weighing of grain

– Silo assembly for the raw materials

– Dosage, batch grinding and mixing

– Hygienisation and pelletizing

– A bulk loading station with moving scales.


The operational principle of the plant is based on the continuous supply of raw materials. The continuous working of the process is ensured with batch grinding. The capacity of the feed plant depends on the working shifts, in other words, whether the plant is run in two or three working shifts. The plant is test-run at the workshop and delivered as tested and ready for operation. The bulk loading and raw material silos are assembled at the installation site.


Benefits in comparison to plants built with traditional technology:  

• The modular structure shortens erection times

• The plant is well tested at the workshop before assembly

• Hygienic, no process residue

• Less individual equipment increases operational reliability

• Can be used for the production of a wide variety of products

• Less equipment means less maintenance, which decreases the stops for maintenance and costs of the wear parts

• High level of automation.

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